Our Story

We are an events production company that employs the latest in technologically advanced equipment. We have had regional presence for the past 20 years and our geographic reach extends to the GCC and greater Middle East. What makes us special is not only our latest equipment but the team of highly trained and educated professional that allows our Clients realize whatever they dream of. We have a dedicated account managers that help maintain our vital long term relationships with our Clients and Partners.

Technologically Advanced

Our extensive inventory is complimented by a wide array of the latest event equipment technology for the most sophisticated displays in the region.

Age of company of 20 years

Building on a solid partnership and cooperative team work, we’re able to thrive, grow and expand across the region.

Geographic reach including GCC Middle East

From an inspired launch in Amman, we have established a regional presence covering the Arabian Peninsula and the greater Middle East including the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Highly trained educated professional workforce

Whereby other Production Companies supply equipment and labor, we pride ourselves in providing skill and technical talent allowing our Clients to realize whatever they imagine.

Latest Equipment

We strive beyond having the latest equipment to ensuring all software used is updated and configured for maximum optimization of our machinery.


Regardless of the time of day or night, our team is happy to service our Clients and always with a smile.